Its a mind game

Hello World,

My First Blog

I am thrilled!  I did it !  I am finally blogging!   You know,  the self help diy way.  How else these days for a happening 50 something determined to try out Facebook ( What IS IT??? I wondered before …)   learning the ins and outs of internet technology and its community sites.  Duh.. I only just got the hang of biru gigit ( bluetoothing) the songs and  images via mobile phones and computers! 

Facebook – its a new thing

I started my Facebook and learn to poke people and send fictious flowers, perfumes and good karma.  How do people get to spend the time to talk to a global community ?  So much to do in Fbook.   Personally, I prefer emails and face to face over a cup of coffee thingy.  I like the bonding with friends. 

Sharing Thoughts, power of the mind. 

Thoughts – yes, thoughts are powerful.  The mind is so powerful.  They say –  Its all in the mind you know; Boredom is a state of the mind.  The mind perceives therefore what the mind perceive of the brand of the product is all  it takes,  to make or break a sale.   The new self help development programs tells us a whole new paradigm of the way we think and how when we change our thoughts and our beliefs, we can change our lives.  Isn’t it the mind that is the vehicle used to attain enlightenment?  I have one experience about how powerful my mind can become.  

Is that why you hear of dying people who are able to linger and is not ready to die  because they  have the ability to hold onto life until they get to see their loved ones one last time.  Just imagine the power of the mind not allowing the body to shut down and imagine the business of the will of the mind to hold onto life !  Sigh….

Why blog ?

Okay, now why do I have so much time to start a  blog and dabble in Facebook ?  Well I am an X corporate employee because I choose to leave my company and am taking a short break until I decide on the what’s next.  However I do have lots to share on my experiences and observation on dodging corporate political bullets and my learnings over the years on meeting corporate bosses’ expectations,  .. and along the way some entertaining tales I can yarn on my  blog.    How else do I get to titillate your curiosity so you can visit me again ?? Sunglasses