Getting To Know the Universe and Your Inner Self

Hello World, 

New Age Authors

Ever since Oprah held the Eckhart Tolle free online course with his new book, A New Earth and discussed  Rhonda Byrne’s  book  ” The Secret “, on her show,  the world is definitely experiencing an increase in manifestations of positive energies.  There are now more people  going about their lives moving and shifting their good energy, alightning oneself to the Universe, focussing on being positive, giving out positive thoughts and their intentions to the universe.  And than there are other teachings from authors like Abraham and Esther Hicks and Michael J.Losier to choose from. 

Not 1 but 2

And than there is the  discovery that everyone has 2 selves.  The first one is usually called the ego and the other, depending on which book you are reading, it could be your Divine Self, your Inner Being, your Inner Self, your Soul  which supposedly  is THE one that generates the positive energies and get you to be bigger and better than who you are. 

Inner Self

Relatively, the Inner Self is usually in the back seat embedded deep into our Being and our ego is usually the one working cohesively with our mind  controlling our Self.  So Self in the form of Inner Being is seldom seen, felt or heard and if we could get our Inner Self or Inner Being to be visible and up front in the driver’s seat and get miss or mr. ego to the back seat, we are on the road to enjoying Inner Peace and we may just find ourselves cruising happily in our life.  

Than there are the tools or/and  exercises to help us conciously cajole our Inner Self to operate our Self cohesively with our mind.  Together Inner Self’s thoughts and wishes will project like a radar tuning into the right frequency to the mind ( receiver ) to make possible Inner Self to  operate from a place of  clarity, win-win, happiness,  positive energy running in our veins and dare I say classic signs of enlightenment! 


Well if you are happy, if your life works, if you experience ease and mastery of everything is okay, and there is love flowing freely in you and your family and your surroundings, its a pretty good thing you are well on the way to enlightenment.  That is possible when your Inner Self  is cruising along happily from the driver’s seat.  

 There are many authors from self-help, new age, spiritual and metaphysics saying very similar things but in so many different ways.  I am thoroughly in tune practicing and learning and it may take a while but soon I shall be able to discern whether it is  ego or Inner Self who is in the driver’s seat.  That’s not all, I shall throughly  experience and practice to attain the ability to ensure my Inner Self is constantly up front.  I too wish to experience enlightenment in my life.    Leaving you with lots of positive energies and vibes…   Big Hug